Born in November 2018, KUHMUTE is a rideshare, and V2G (vehicle to grid) service for existing Micromobility rideshares

named “Best Mobility Hardware Company” by PlanetM and the MEDC at the 2019 Tech Hardware Summit.

It is our goal to get rid of the unsightly clutter of scooter pileups and keep personal electric vehicles charged.

Skip the controversy -- We enable communities to have access to a reliable, affordable “first & last mile” solution for urban travel, while offering an elegant solution to the dreaded scooter piles

For the Everyday Kuhmuter -- We offer a model that allows for a more financially responsible approach to those who trust in our service everyday

Scalable Solutions -- Pricing done right for providing a charging solution that is reliable and organized for our Ridesharing Partners

We are launching our own KUHMUTE rideshare in a few model cities, first being our home city of Flint, MI, to show that our smart charging hubs are the best solution for municipalities, riders and other rideshares to adopt.

Expect More From Mobility #FlintFwd

Thank You to those who believe in KUHMUTE!

Comeback Capital RightSide Capital Kettering University 100k Ideas ACTON Global PlanetM Flint Ferris Wheel Michigan Energy Office Consmers Energy Michigan Economic Development Corperation Michigan Economic Development Corperation Next Energy City Of Flint


The KUHMUTE Smart Charging Hub is the world’s first Multimodal Micromobility charging solution. Electric scooters, E-bikes, and E-skateboards - it charges them all.

KUHMUTE In The Media

KUHMUTE is doing amazing things to help advance micromobility, check us out!

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Comeback Capital RightSide Capital

We would like to thank Comeback Capital and RSCM for believing in us! Other supporters we would like to mention are Kettering University, Michigan Energy Office, PlanetM and the MEDC.

If you have any questions about investment opportunities, please contact us as we are ready to answer your questions!


Peter Deppe

Peter Deppe - Founder & CEO

Born in Southfield, Michigan in 1996, Peter moved all over the Midwest of America but eventually ended up back in Michigan. He enrolled at Northern Illinois University where he studied Mechanical Engineering while playing football for the NIU Huskies for two years as a Punter. Eventually he left NIU and football entirely, and enrolled at Kettering University where he studied Electrical Engineering.

Peter is currently working part-time for 100K Ideas in Flint, MI. A non-profit that helps break down the entrepreneurial barriers for anyone who has an idea. His role for 100K Ideas is Project Manager and Electrical Engineer.

His current venture, KUHMUTE, is a startup that solves the problem of a “last mile” mobility service with proper city integration--other Micro Mobility solutions have yet to solve this issue.

Peter Deppe

Scott Spitler - Co-Founder & CTO

Born in Howell, Michigan in 1997, Scott grew up in the town of Brighton, Michigan. Scott enrolled at Kettering University where he studied Computer Science and Computer Engineering.

Scott is an original member of the team and has been writing software and designing hardware. He is also currently researching artificial intelligence, operating systems, and large scale cloud infrastructures.


David Ollila

David Ollila

Ade Olonoh

Ade Olonoh

Scott Shane

Scott Shane


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