Peter Deppe

Peter Deppe

Founder & CEO

Business Development/Strategy

Born in Southfield, Michigan in 1996, Peter moved all over the Midwest of America but eventually ended up back in Michigan. He enrolled at Northern Illinois University where he studied Mechanical Engineering while playing football for the NIU Huskies for two years as a Punter. Then after being barred from playing football and transerfing to the University of Iowa by the NCAA, Peter led a class action lawsuit to change college football for the better. Eventually he left NIU and football entirely, and enrolled at Kettering University where he studied Electrical Engineering.

Peter is currently working for 100K Ideas in Flint, MI. A non-profit that helps break down the entrepreneurial barriers for anyone who has an idea. His role for 100K Ideas is Project Manager and Electrical Engineer.

His current venture, KUHMUTE, is a startup that solves the problem of a “last mile” mobility service with proper city integration--other Micro Mobility solutions have yet to solve this issue. KUHMUTE is also the first sustainable e-scooter rideshare priced for the everyday user. We want everyone to Expect More From Mobility.